Special Features

  • OR-300 grade has excellent resistance to the toughest oil applications such as oil-treated coal and petroleum based oils.
  • OR-200 grade has superior oil resistance to various kinds of animal and vegetable oils with severe cold temperature up to 45°C (50°F).
  • OR-100 grade is good for Moderate Oil Resistant operations like wood chips, linseed, cottonseed and whole soybeans and where static conductivity is needed.
  • HTN/HOT grade is recommended for conveying hot asphalt with material temperature up to max 175°C (350°F, in normal conditions) where both oil & heat resistance are required.

Cover rubber grade:

  • The rubber cover is especially compounded for the applications requiring resistance to oils.
  • It has outstanding abrasion, ozone, and weather resistance.
  • Oil resistant conveyor belt is recommended for the conveyor lines where oil swelling and sponginess occurs due to exposure to oils.
Type Cover Rubber Special Features
Min Tensile Strength Minimum Elongation Volume Change (ASTM #3 Oil)
OR-100 14 2000 450% Max 150 Wood chip, linseed, cottonseed, corn kernels, whole soybeans, static conductivity and moderate oil resistance.
OR-200 12 1700 500% Max 90 Oil treated materials and for carrying oily metal turnings and shavings, crushed soybeans, animal or vegetable fats.
OR-300 16 2400 500% Max 20 Oily metal parts, crushed soybeans, automatic hydrocarbons (ie. benzol, toluene and petroleum based oils.
HTN/HOT 12 1700 500% Max 60 Hot asphalt, coke whafs, and other oil & heat resistant applications.