Special Features:

  • FR-140 is a specially compounded to meet the vigorous requirements of 30CFR14 for fire
    resistance and is approved by MSHA for use in underground coal mining. This specially
    formulated compound also complies with OSHA requirement for static conductivity using
    testing standard ASTM D257.
  • M-18 is a SBR fire retardant compound meeting the old MSHA 30CFR18.65 requirement
    for underground mining in the U.S.A. This is no longer accepted for use in underground coal
    mining in the U.S.A. but is classified by ARPM as a Class FR-2 fire resistant belt.
  • CSA-C is a SBR fire retardant rubber compound meeting the Canadian CSA-C requirements
    for fire resistance. It also provides abrasion resistance and resistance to low temperatures.
  • SCORF is an ARPM Class FR-2 fire resistant belt with moderate oil resistance accepted by
  • MSHA under 30 CFR 18.65. It is recommended for typical applications of oil treated coal or
    grain industries requiring fire and oil resistance as well as static conductivity.
  • The conveyor belts listed with fire resistant covers meet fire performance requirements such
    as USMSHA, CSA, SABS, DIN and AS.
  • Flame retardant conveyor belt is designed for the best service conditions for the mining
    and grain industries. It is suitable for mining, coal prep plants, power plants, granaries.
    The different rubber compounds are available to meet the requirements of each particular
    industry. Check each application to verify which compound is required.
Compound Tensile Strength Min. (Mpa) Tensile Strength Min. (psi) Elongation Min. % Application Grade
FR-140 15 2200 400 MSHA 30CFR 14 (USA)
FR-180 14 2100 400 MSHA 30CFR 18.65 (USA)
CAN-CSA-C 16 2200 400 CSA-C (Canada)
SCORF 14 2100 400 MSHA 30CFR 18.65 (USA)