The following outlines warranty of conveyor belting:

Warranty Clause – there is 12 month limited warranty that is pro-rated from time of purchase. It applies only for faulty material and workmanship and is limited only to the cost/value of the residual life of the 12 month pro-rated life of the belt that remains and will not in any circumstances at all include any labor and change out costs, lost time, lost production, cost of splicing, equipment damage, machinery damage, property damage, bodily injury arising from the above. It is only limited to the remaining cost value/pro-rated value of the belt. Also, the belt cannot have any wrong application use, rips, cuts, gouge through the fabric or any rubbing or wear on either side of the belt from structure or structural damage, or any idler junction marks or any other failure to qualify for the pro-rated 12 month limited value warranty. Any settlement on belt warranty claim needs to be joint-inspected within 2 weeks of reporting of the problem. Wrong application use, wrong belt selection, improper installation, improper maintenance, any issue with conveyor system will also automatically make this warranty void.

Also, note any settlement will be against new belt based on above. There is no cash value/basis for any settlement.

This warranty clause supersedes all previous warranty clauses whether written, implied or implicit.


Disclaimer on technical specifications and data:

Errors and omissions excepted (E&OE). To the best of our knowledge and to the best of the suppliers knowledge, the information is correct, but we will not be held responsible if an error has been committed. Please use this information at your own discretion, risk and applicability. Contact us for up to date specifications.